Why use cedar shoe trees?

Why should you put cedar shoe trees into your shoes? That’s an excellent question.

Remember back to the search for the shoes in question.  Did you find them easily -first store, first try?

Likely not.  Likely you had to try on a few pair or do a little shopping to find a pair of shoes to meet your needs.

So now that you’ve found them, your new favorite shoes, what’s next?

Shoe trees!   Putting shoe trees in your shoes is as important as hanging your coat on a quality hanger.

Shoe trees make your shoes last longer.  Aromatic red cedar...

Can shoe trees stretch out shoes?

Can shoe trees stretch out shoes?  The answer is, not really.  Shoe trees are designed to smooth out the lining of your shoes and to smooth out creases.

Smoothing…not stretching.

If you are looking for a way to get that shoe to fit better, you need to invest in a shoe stretcher.

Using a shoe stretcher is an easy and effective way to custom fit your shoes to your feet.

Shoe stretchers are made from hard wood species, birch, maple etc… and have a strong metal rod that is slowly turned to put added pressure on your shoe.  This slow...

How Do Cedar Shoe Trees Work?

Aromatic red cedar shoe trees absorb and wick away moisture, salts and acids which harm leather and shorten the life of shoes.

Shoe trees smooth out wrinkles in the upper insoles and linings of shoes, adding greatly to the comfort and life of shoes.

They keep shoes looking better and feeling better, while adding to their life.

Increasing the usable life of products is an environmentally positive feature of shoe trees.

  1. Cedar absorbs moisture, drying out your shoe
  2. Cedar shoe trees flatten out insoles
  3. Cedar shoe trees prevent wrinkles in footwear, by returning the shoe to...

How To Protect Soft Leather Shoes

The cycles of moisture and drying that accompany the wearing of shoes will, over time, remove the natural oils that give leather its suppleness.  Everyone has seen dried out, cracked leather of work boots that have received no leather care.  Proper leather care will prevent this.

There are three key steps to keeping leather soft and supple.

  1. Protect your shoes before you head out the first time.  Quality leather protector will seal in the natural oils of leather and create a barrier to protect from water and stains.
  2. Clean your shoes from time to time.  Whether you use Shoe...

Why Is Cedar Good For Your Closet?

Aromatic red cedar is a natural wood recognized for its beauty, durability, moisture absorption and aromatic properties. This unique species of cedar has exceptional cutting qualities and is highly valued for its pleasing aroma.  It is known as  moth deterrent and also, when left unfinished is great for absorbing moisture.

If you are looking for a cedar closet, yet don’t really want to commit to a DIY project or want to hire a professional, consider outfitting your existing closet with cedar accessories. Cedar closet accessories are a great way to add the benefits of cedar, without breaking the bank.