Rochester Shoe Tree

Why use cedar shoe trees?

Why should you put cedar shoe trees into your shoes? That’s an excellent question.

Remember back to the search for the shoes in question.  Did you find them easily -first store, first try?

Likely not.  Likely you had to try on a few pair or do a little shopping to find a pair of shoes to meet your needs.

So now that you’ve found them, your new favorite shoes, what’s next?

Shoe trees!   Putting shoe trees in your shoes is as important as hanging your coat on a quality hanger.

Shoe trees make your shoes last longer.  Aromatic red cedar shoe trees wick away moisture, acid and salts, thereby reducing deterioration of your shoes.   Shoe trees also make your shoes more comfortable by smoothing out the linings and insoles. Finally shoe trees smooth out creases and wrinkles and restore your shoes to their new – out of the box – condition.

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