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Founded in 1922, Rochester Shoe Tree Company is one of the oldest and largest shoe tree companies in the world. Located in New Hampshire, Rochester has long maintained the New England work ethic and tradition of fine craftmanship.

Relying on people, rather than machines alone, Rochester Shoe Trees reflect both the quality and employee pride that have made our shoe trees the standard of excellence for over 95 years.

Today, Rochester’s expanding line of shoe care products includes premium quality cleaners, protectors, polishes, brushes, shoelaces, insoles, gifts and kits. Our expertise in shoe care extends to all categories of footwear, providing everything you need to clean, polish and protect your investment.

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A Trusted Brand

"Excellent shoe tree, very well constructed and designed. The shoe tree are a smoothly shaped cedar and split toe simulated to the shape of a foot. I am very happy with my purchase and trust the Brand Name Florsheim."


You've Found The Right Ones

"All you’ll ever need right here. Simple design, expand to fit properly, robust spring mechanism. Florsheims are my go-to shoe trees."

Joe C

Premium Quality From Florsheim

"Well crafted cedar wood trees for your shoes. Keeps them fresh and in shape. Highly Recommended."

Alan M. Collopy